Work Related Injuries

Injured in the Course and Scope of Employment

One of the requirements to be eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits is that your injury happened while you were in “the course and scope of employment”. Often this is an obvious fact, as when an employee is injured in a factory by a malfunctioning machine and is immediately treated medically. These types of traumatic injuries, often witnessed by co-workers, are rarely contested by the employer as to the fact that your “injury” occurred “in the scope of your employment”. Any comtest of these types of injuries would normally concert the severity, extent, pre-existing nature, or duration of the injury.

However, sometimes it is not so clear, as when:

– you are injured away from the employer’s location, as on a road trip, in a parking lot, or while entertaining a client. or

– the injury gradually develops over a long period of time, as with repetitive motion or long term exposure injuries such as carpel tunnel, or lung diseases from exposures to dust, fumes or other toxic materials. These injuries are often referred to as “occupational diseases“.

– your back gives out while working, without any obvious overloading or traumatic event.

In cases like these, your employer or its insurance adjuster will frequently contest that you were injured “in the scope of your employment”. Such cases are often hotly contested, and the assistance of an experience attorney is highly recommended.

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