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Bankruptcy debt relief, debt counseling and the ability to stop lawsuits, stop foreclosure and stop garnishment actions against your property, using Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection, can give you the stress relief, fresh start and time to reorganize your financial situation that you need.

The Bankruptcy law requires more care and planning than ever. Click on any of the links on this page for detailed bankruptcy discussions. For your convenience in discussing your situation and bankruptcy options, a Confidential Free Consultation Form is provided on this site. Your bankruptcy lawyer can also direct you to sources for a free credit report.

Do not hesitate to call for a free consultation regarding your bankruptcy or injury questions with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. It is important that you learn your rights and alternatives, and the actions that you should take now, to maximize your chances for a successful outcome in your case. Your bankruptcy attorney will pull a free credit report for you to be sure that all debts are considered.


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These are the essence of the federal right known as Bankruptcy. Under the new bankruptcy code, when your debts become unmanageable, you are permitted to restructure your financial life to allow you to go forward with a plan. Your lawyer can assist you in this regard with debt counseling, advice and representation and help to relieve the stress that comes with financial pressure. Your bankruptcy lawyer will assist you to stop foreclosure actions, stop garnishment against your wages and bank accounts, stop repossession of your property, and stop lawsuits from proceeding, until you can make a plan to move forward in an orderly manner. Contrary to rumor, credit card debt relief is still available.

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